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Our Traditional service are below:

So you want to travel like a pro, but you don't have the time or inclination to put in the work.  That's okay, the Sherpa can help!.  I am happy to help my readers by consulting their travel decisions, but I am NOT a travel agent.  Here is what the Sherpa has to offer.

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  1. We'll give you one invoice for your trip, week, or month depending on how often you travel.
  2. You can still earn credit card miles and points using our service.
  3. Enjoy business privileges at many hotel chains including late checkout and free internet access.
  4. Your miles will be earned every time you fly, or stay at a hotel - we make sure of it.
  5. We will save you money, time and hassle, or whichever is the most important to you and your business.
  6. We have a subscription model, one-off fee, or group rate to suit your business big or small.
  7. Check out the benefits to your employees below...



  1. Most of our customers save 30-50% on their tickets
  2. We charge 20% of the savings we can deliver (Ex. You find $500, we find $300, you pay us $60 for finding the deal, you keep the $140 in savings).
  3. If we can't save you more than $50, we will still show you the best possible price free of charge!
  4. Plus all of these great benefits below.


Benefits When Consulted by the Sherpa:

  1. Late check-out times and preferred room selection on many hotels.
  2. We sign you up for any promotions that might make more of your miles.
  3. We will follow-up after your trip and make sure you got your miles, and if not I'll help you fight for them.
  4. I'll let you in on other ways to earn miles that might be beneficial for your particular goals.