The Sherpa

The web is full of travel experts, but I am cut from a different cloth.  Aged 31, my wife (the Sherpstress) and I have traveled the world and we aren't done yet.  We spent six months in Thailand just because, lived abroad several times, and touched every inhabited continent in a 13 month period.  We didn’t win the lottery, rather we just use our travel acumen which I feel obliged to share.  I am on a mission to show the average traveler how affordable it can be to see the world without having to sacrifice sensible comforts.


The Sherpa (left) and Sherpstress (right) in business class of course. 

About this Blog

Three years ago we joined the network and both of us now blog there. My content and approach is the same as always, friendly travel advice to enable everyone to see the world in style for next to nothing.  Read my work at  MY wife has also started a travel blog focused on the difficult task of traveling with a child and the enjoyment it can bring.  Check out her posts at  


Some of my fellow travel bloggers are even more obsessed with points and miles than I am.  So while I will post about good offers you may want to pursue, my direction is a little different than the rest.  I want to see as much of the earth as possible, but I have to be a little creative.

Confession:  I fly RyanAir from time to time.  I love first class as much as the rest of you, but it’s just too hard for me to pass up $30 round trip tickets to a new country.  I also fly EasyJet, AirAsia, I’d even fly Spirit if it made financial sense (though it often doesn’t).

My goal is to enable the readers of this Blog to see as much of the world as I have for as little cost as is comfortable.