Forget 4 Miles to Hong Kong - I'm Taking You There Free!

The Peak

Boy did we have an exciting week last week trying to secure those HK tickets for 4 miles and $35?  Some are still holding out hope, some have given up.  For those that have kissed this one goodbye, this week is for you.  By coincidence, the Sherpa and Sherpstress were in Hong Kong last week while the whole mess was taking place. Though you may be a little disappointed United is not currently planning to honor those tickets you can still get a great trip report the next few days - which will make it like you went, right?

To start your cheaper than 4 mile trip to HK, check out this video the Sherpstress made of our trip. How lucky is the Sherpa?  Check out this talented little lady, and a looker to boot.

Music by Little Dragon, photos/video mostly the Sherpa, editing mostly the Sherpstress.  When you are done, please be kind and rewind - or for those that are under the age of 30, tweet this, pin it, post it to your Facebook - please!


Posted on July 24, 2012 and filed under Examples, Hotels, Trip Report.