Le Meirdien - LM01

The Trip Sherpa and the Sherpstress had to be the two least loyal hotel guests in the entire travel industry.  So much so that your Sherpa is just short of elite status on... Hotels.com - Eeek!  Don't get the wrong impression, there are some advantages to booking on Hotels.com, and for Europe and parts of Asia, sometimes the boutique hotels are often the only way to go. And then we stayed in the Le Méridien, Bangkok.

And it ruined us.

Outside of these doors awaits the oppressive Thai heat, but inside the air conditioning and stunning window tinting keeps you from the the noisy Bangkok streets outside in Patpong. Once your temperature has returned to below boiling, there is some quiet ambient music in the background, but more than anything else you notice... the smell.

At check-in, the best frappé you have tasted appears before you, I say that with the highest level of confidence, I have had them in more than 20 countries, this one is the best!

Your keys are given, you walk around the corner, the lifts are waiting with the doors open - a simple touch that makes a difference.  There it is again, this fresh, sweet smell, it's not overpowering, just noticeable and pleasant.

You get into the room, there it is again, I wash my hands, my hair, even the conditioner has it.

It's awesome.  So awesome in fact it has a name, LM01. Any time you even catch a vague note, you are taken back to that oasis in the middle of Bangkok.  How often do people write about a smell? It's not just me though, here is an article about how it originated, from Elle.


Some accountant at Starwood Hotels must have gotten a bill for this project and asked some pretty hard questions.

But it worked.

It worked so well, that we booked there again. We didn't even need the stay, we found a decent rate and we tacked it onto another trip because, frankly, we only grabbed one bar of soap when we left.  I've since become Starwood Gold, somebody let the accountant know it was worth it.  Look out Le Méridien Bangkok, we're gunning for you, and if you have not yet had the chance to understand what I am talking about, book a night.  Or you could just buy this affordable candle instead.  I think we are going to have to stick to intermittent bars of soap for now.



Posted on July 10, 2012 and filed under Hotels.