A Great Price on Myanmar-Canada Fares and Why You Should Consider It

Here's the deal for those who want to race over and book right away.  Hat tip to Hack My Trip. $369-410USD one-way (some roundtrips have been reported successfully) from RGN (Yangon, Myanmar) to YVR (Vancouver) in business class!

Here is a screen shot showing you the disparity in pricing to show you how good this deal really is.



That's usually $6500USD worth of airfare that you could slide away with for only $815 (depending on who's rate you trust).

But Sherpa... What good is a one-way from Burma to Vancouver?  I don't live in Vancouver, and I don't have a ticket TO Myanmar.  First of all, as Mr. Leff kindly pointed out a few days ago, you could just step off the plane in LAX, SFO, or PDX (all choices) and then book a cheap one way home from there (we recently did that and got a one-way from LAX for $113).

Further, you could always book an award one-way ticket to Asia 2 for 32,500 miles on American (Bangkok would be a logical choice) and then jump on a cheap Air Asia flight over to RGN.  That essentially buys you a holiday in Thailand (or anywhere in Southeast Asia) for 32,500 points and $400, remembering that you are flying back in business class on the way home and you would be EARNING miles back while you do it.

As stated before.  Full disclosure, the Sherpa wanted to do this one.  In fact the Sherpa is still lobbying for this one, but the Sherpstress is right... it's an unnecessary trip that we can't justify right now.  I hate it when she's right (which happens often).  But if she changed her mind... I'd be quite grateful.

How about now Sherpstress?  Can we go now?

One more note, under US law these prices would be guaranteed and honored since they are showing this as the final price throughout (unlike the United 4 mile debacle that I promised I would not post about again).  However, this must be booked through a foreign website, it's just how this particular pricing shows up, so the site I used to obtain it (Expedia Australia) would have jurisdiction down under.  Whether Australia will force airlines to honor - that I am unsure about.

Still Sherpstress, come on...

Posted on August 17, 2012 and filed under DEALS!, Examples.