The Trip Sherpa joins

Well Sherpa readers, it is a very proud day for me.

First though, I should explain why you have not heard from me in some time.

The post that started the Trip Sherpa was the planning of our epic departure from SE Asia and repatriation back to the US.  It finally came time to take that trip which left very little time for writing along the way.  Though the Sherpa and Sherpstress are back in these fine 50 states, it is still a very busy time for us.  Upon our return, not only have we been sorting through stuff we have left here in Omaha, but are preparing for a move east, trying to make time for friends, family and generally get our lives in order.

We also lost my grandmother while we were back, a woman who outlasted a pacemaker for over 30 years, 4 cornea transplants, a broken hip, lost an eye, scoliosis, and finally cancer.  She died 10 days before her 94th birthday, and a video will follow soon.

Needless to say we have been busy.

But then the reason for this post friends.  The Trip Sherpa is excited to announce that the website will be transitioning to join  Admittedly, I have been a long follower of and it's a proud day to join the site as a contributing writer.  I have also been holding some content back while I wait for the transition so here is some of what you can look forward to reading in the next few weeks:

- A trip to Hong Kong (three hotel reviews in BKK and HKG)

- A couple of BKK hotel reviews as part of Club Carlson's 50k bonus offers

- Flight reviews from Air Asia, Scoot (economy), great for those of you who have booked Myanmar tickets

- Flight reviews of Cathay Pacific and Korean in business

- Lounges in SYD, HKG, BKK, and ICN

- Bereavement fares

- Special articles and interviews for MillionMileSecrets and Medical Solutions

- And lots more...


So let's celebrate today folks, the Sherpa is now with UPGRD, and the Sherpa is back!


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