A lot of people ask where and how I find the deals I do.  Firstly, you should subscribe to airline and hotel email blasts (usually you can get points for your sign-up) but for the best deals, I read lots of blogs; there are others but the following post all the time, are very informative and always on top of their game.

Live and Let's Fly:

Matthew Klint is one of the first and still most active bloggers at UPGRD.com, a great resource in and of itself for frequent flyers.  He provides frequent posts, really frequent posts on a variety of topics.  He also has sought out some seriously difficult countries to visit including Iran!  Matthew won't miss out on a great destination even if it means flying RyanAir occasionally.  He is also a co-founder of UPGRD.com, and a contributor to the podcast of the same name.


View From The Wing:

In the world of Frequent Flyer Programs (FFPs), Randy Peterson is the Godfather, but his “consigliere” would have to be Gary Leff.  He was a significant moderator of FlyerTalk as well as the longest serving president of the TalkBoard before leaving to focus on MilePoint, a similar but more community focused service for frequent flyers.  Gary is quick, responsive, and in the know.  He updates all the time and has immense experience and insider knowledge.  Follow his blog if you intend to be active in this community.


The Wandering Aramean:

Seth, over at the most difficult blog name to pronounce in the world (Air-uh-may-en), is one of the most active bloggers in the business.  His blog posts have personally saved me over $8,000 on one blog post alone!  Seth is also one of the contributors at Points Hoarders podcast and is one to follow for sure!